Striving to create a healthy environment for parents to bring their children to play, socialize, learn and thrive!

PlayNation is a grassroots playgroup which caters to SAHM’s.(Although we welcome all families!)
We have meets at assorted parks, pools and fun places every week, we call it #TrippingThursdays!
On #MerryMonday mornings, we meet at the Cannon Community Chapel for crafts, structured play, story-time, and more.

PlayNation started as a small group of friends meeting at assorted local areas who decided to ‘incorporate’ and ‘officialize’ their play time so that other local families would have an welcoming outlet for the pent up energy inherent in children.

There is no sponsor or official company that PlayNation answers to, it is solely built by parents for parents focused on the children. Events are organized at our own costs, and there is no recompense to the admins for doing so.

As of August 2015; there will be an expansion of PlayNation since the founder is moving away from CAFB.



playnationn (at) gmail.com


Hey there!

We’d love for you to play along with us! If you follow our Facebook page you can get all the updates right in your feed.

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