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We are not incorporated or any type of government regulated corporation, company, entity, non-profit organization, or any such thing; we choose to maintain this group without government oversight and involvement rather than to register as any sort of government-regulated group.

PlayNation started as a small group of friends meeting at assorted local areas in 2014 in Eastern New Mexico, who decided to ‘incorporate’ and ‘officialize’ their play time so that other local families would have an welcoming outlet for the pent up energy inherent in children. In 2015, the group branched out into Central Alaska with the PCS of one of the founding families.

As our group is not incorporated nor has any government regulated status, our member families take individual responsibility for funding group events. We are not setup to receive donations or member dues. We attempt to provide the most inexpensive venues for our activities and events so that our families will not have additional financial burdens.

All members follow the “good neighbor” principles, such as: treating others the way that they would like to be treated, being responsible, and enjoying good, clean fun.

We have no group insurance. Each parent is responsible for his or herself and own family and any damage, harm, and or injury that any member of his or her family may cause, do, or be liable for at any group event, gathering, or function.

Each parent is responsible for each of his or her child’s or children’s health, welfare, and safety at all group gatherings, events, and functions. Group events are not babysitting; children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or responsible sibling that is 16 years or older.

Only events posted by the PlayNation account are official events. Events that group members post elsewhere, e-mail, or contact other members about that are not posted by the PlayNation account, are not PlayNation events. Each member who hosts their own event(s) that is/are not on our calendar, who posts about it/them on our message board, sends event information through e-mail, or in some other way contacts playgroup members about the event(s), assumes full responsibility and liability for the event(s); PlayNation nor its coordinators are in no way responsible for the event or anything that occurs at it or driving to and from it.

Anytime that a group gathers, there is the possibility that someone, whether knowingly or unknowingly, is actively carrying a communicable disease, virus, flu, or other type of illness. It is important to consider this, especially if your children are not immunized. We have group members that are immunized and non-immunized, and we respect the right of each parent in his, her, or their choice on this issue.

Members are encouraged to volunteer to host playdates, field trips, and to host other get-togethers at their homes during inclement weather. Any member who would like to host an event in his/her home must fill-out an online questionnaire sent by the local coordinator prior to the event. The questionnaire is for everyone’s safety, well-being, and protection, including the hosts.

* There is no cost to join our group at this time.

** Nothing in our group is mandatory; member families can participate in as little or as much activity as they choose.

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