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Mom run playgroup based in Chavez housing, meets (almost) every Monday. We meet at the Cannon Community Chapel on base in rooms 1-4 at 9:30 am. (Excluding holidays and family down days).

A place for kids to play freely! PlayNation strives to create a healthy environment for parents to bring their children to play, socialize, learn and thrive!

The playgroup is open to all parents associated with Cannon AFB, NM only. Please make sure to set your profile public enough that we can see your affiliation with the base!

Please feel free to checkout

our page (

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or email us at PlayNation88101 (at)



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  1. Brandy Hough says:

    I’ve heard of Cannon before; but never much that’s been good. I am glad to see that someone is doing something positive for the population there. I will have to check out the meetings if our orders go though.

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